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Food to try in Munnar!

Food to try in Munnar! Munnar is one of the most preferred destination for holidaying, especially in summers. Apart from the awesome weather and picturesque landscape , it's cuisine is one of the most diverse cuisine because it has a blend of French, Portuguese, Arab, Syrian and many more regional cuisines.
I would not be exaggerating at all if I say ,Munnar is no less than heaven for food lovers. And the most striking feature about Munnar’s food is it's traditional richness that one can find in almost each and everything that it offers.
Here are some of the famous dishes to try in Munnar: Kerala prawn curry –  The Kerelian curry is sprinkled with chilly, salt, pepper and the dipped in a whole lot of coconut with jaggery and finally finished with curry leaves.
Appam with stew – A rice pancake having soft and thick center and paper thin outside.

Sadhya – also known as traditional Kerala thali. It is served in a banana leaf and includes many vegetarian curries to be eaten with ric…

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Food to try in Munnar!

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